5 Things To Ask For After Getting A Payday Advance

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5 Things To Ask For After Getting A Payday Advance

20 May 2016
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If you are living from one paycheck to the next and have an emergency expense to take care of, you can apply for a payday advance. However, since there are fees involved and you already have limited finances, you'll need to make a few changes with your finances . Here are a few things to ask that can help you repay the advance on time.

Ask for Debt Consolidation

Apply for a consolidation loan. This will make your monthly credit card and bank loan payments easier by consolidating them into one payment. Ask a debt consolidator to develop a plan that will help keep you on track with your debt. Keep in mind, however, that your payday advance terms may prevent you from adding the advance to your consolidation loan.

One of the best benefits of consolidating your debt is that you can eliminate any high interest rates, which are typical when payments are late to credit card companies. To do this, you will need to gather all of your financial documents regarding your credit cards and bank loans and take them with you to a consolidation lender who will review them and either approve or disapprove your application.

Ask Yourself If Your Budget Is Too Low

One mistake that some people make is not budgeting enough money for all of their bills and expenses. It's important to be real with yourself and create a budget that is realistic. If your budget is too low, it will make it difficult for you to stick with your budget. Be sure to include the advance fees in your budget.

Keep track of what you spend by keeping receipts for everything, including small purchases, which can add up. For example, if you stop for a $2 cup of coffee or other drink every morning on your way to work, you'll need to add that in your budget.

Ask to Join a Couponing Club

One great way to save money is with coupons. Some people have taken couponing to the extreme and have started classes and clubs that focus on this money-saving strategy. Ask your local libraries and community centers if they host couponing clubs and/or classes.

By joining a couponing club, you'll be able to learn some tips to help you get the most out of couponing, and you'll be able to exchange coupons with others during the meetings.

Ask Your Bank to Limit Your ATM Transactions

Since the payday advance will be repaid automatically from your checking account, you'll want to be absolutely certain that you'll have enough money in there to cover it. One way to prevent you from spending too much is to ask your bank to place a limit on your ATM transactions. ATM limits can also help keep you on track for your budget.

While you are in the bank, start a sub-account to be used solely for emergency savings. Even if you are only able to put several dollars into the account every payday, it can quickly add up and give you a small cushion for the next time you have a financial emergency.

Ask Lenders to Change Your Due Dates

If you find it difficult to make all of your payments on time because they all fall within the same payday period, ask your lenders if they will be willing to change your due dates. Spacing out your due dates throughout the month can help you avoid late fees and increased interest rates.

First, contact your mortgage company or landlord, utility service providers, credit cards, insurance companies, and any other creditors to see which ones can change your due dates. Be sure to ask if there are any fees for making the change. Sit down with your budget to see how those new due dates could benefit your financial situation, then call the ones you choose to make the due date changes.

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